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Friday, October 14, 2005

[General] Summertime

Ah the lazy Friday...

Wearing casual digs to work (though I am never without sneakers) and it's all the better when it's a sunny day like today. Being Wellington the wind doesn't stop but it has relented a bit to be a slight cool breeze.

Also when I get home this evening there will be a video of the Jets game against the Buccaneers which I missed last week (because I live in a country that doesn't broadcast it) waiting for me on my computer.

Those of you keeping an astute eye on the sideboard will notice some changes but nothing too drastic for a lazy day.

After work I am going for drinks with some of the Wellington Bloggeratti. Well at least Tom.

Speaking of Tom he sent me the brilliant photo below.

Tom said:

An interesting American sporting link:


Just don't ask how I found it!
And I won't.

The link is to a gay images blog, which is also where I got a photo of 49ers QB Alex Smith recently. Does it challenge my masculinity that gay men might also be interested in American Football? No, and it's not really surprising considering they are all muscular men in body hugging lycra trying to grab a hold of each other. Think rugby is immune? Go and find a copy of the underground movie "Rugger Bugger", it's very...eye-opeing (and a little disturbing).

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