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Friday, December 01, 2006

Season of the Bloke

We have just finished Movember in a flurry of parties and manishness but what about next year?
Lemmy: unofficial deity of The Season of the Bloke
An email conversation amongst my friends has come up with this: The Season of the Bloke* . The season is, somewhat ironically, Spring.

We already have Movember which follows Rocktober. But what could cover the month of September, known for it's bouncing lambs and daffodils? How about Bicep-tember?!?!!!

At the beginning of Biceptember you start to work out the "guns" and hopefully come the 30th you'll look like Popeye (Update: on actually looking at Popeye he doesn't have any biceps at all!). You then have a month of relaxing with a beer and listening to your choice of rock music in Rocktober, all the while contemplating your facial hair for Movember.
Popeye: No Biceps
That is not to say that it is scrictly for men. Women are more than welcome to join in Biceptember and Rocktober, we'll draw the line at Movember though if you don't mind.

*(Copyright: Che Tibby 2006)

Season of the Bloke


Tom said...

Just a note of caution: the term "bi-september" may have different connotations, ones that may not be in line with your intended understanding of "blokeiness".

che tibby said...

noted. we're thinking it's better understood at bicep-tember.

a first draft had bicember, which is even closer to the demographic you're talking about.

in recognising that, in this day and age if you've got a great product everyone wants it. but the trick to any willing-buyer, willing-seller arrangement is to know when to keep your stock in reserve, and when to put it out there. and that's strictly the perogative of the seller.

Anonymous said...

Someone, I don't recall who, suggested September be renamed Whorvenmber...