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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

[General] Travel Guide

A guide to Mianus.

The small town of Mianus is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Mianus is a happy place filled with cheerful people.

The views from Mianus are spectacular (such as the Mianus river [left]). This is the reason that local authorities want to subdivide large tracts around the outskirts of Mianus, and why so many property developers are interested in Mianus.

People in Mianus go about their business happily, enjoying the quiet life that Mianus offers. As you know the towns motto is: “Mianus: easy to get in, hard to get out!”

Mianus is run by local Mayor Gary Upsumpta. His position in Mianus is important and he is so good at it that he has held that position for many years.

Most tourists say that Mianus is the best in the early autumn; however, Mianus attracts a lot of attention during Fourth of July celebrations as well. So if you’re travelling through Connecticut please feel free to enter Mianus and have yourself a blast!

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Jussi H said...

What is easiest way to come to Mianus from Finland? We are looking for small trip during Veteran´s Day. Just not sure if you have own Airport or should we go to Hartford first.

eddie said...


I would also like to come, and would also be delighted if someone could pick me up at the airport. Veteran's Day is one of the unsung Mianus Melodies of big days in the US.

Hadyn said...

Thanks for interest in Mianus. It is wonderful to think that so many people want to spend Veteran's Day in Mianus.

Sadly, however, while Mianus has expanded recently due to the large numbers entering it, it still lacks the size to accomodate an international airport. Also, due to extemely complicated logistics, I do not live in Mianus. And the people I know who visit Mianus tend to come and go quite quickly.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Mianus and that you have a happy Veteran's Day.

Anonymous said...

It was recommended that my family and I pop into Mianus for a long weekend for some relaxing fun. Could someone suggest a nice bed an breakfast located in the heart of mianus? Also, what other activities are offered in mianus? can u fish in mianus? Is it safe at night in mianus? Is there a rainy season in mianus?

Thanks for any info!

-Ross Transbaltimore
Harshank, Ohio

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOL....it´s never rainy in Mianus!

Anonymous said...

is jackass in mianus i live in my anus


Hello, I've heard that Mianus, has a horrible drug problem of Angeldust..
And as a citizen of Mianus, I'd love to get rid of these problems by exploring the outer exterior of Mianus. Due to all these problems. But due to the hard weather, it rains there, when it rains, it pours. It's truly hard to get there with everything being so wet. So I will start a camp to explore the outer area's of myanus to stop the angeldust_x problem.

Thank you for your time.
God bless mianus.


During St.Patricks Day, is a great time to visit Mianus. Everything is so colour full, and green, (alot of pinching going around). But heh! that's the fun part! If your lucky you get to see the leprechauns that pop in and our, and in and out, of Mianus frequently. And receiving a pot of gold! (be warned they steal).
I lost my discover card, due to muggers in Mianus, never found it again due to the vast majority if mianus being so huge.

Please have some kind of Law against all the rule breakers of Mianus, We all live Mianus, and wish it could be a safe place for my friends to play in.