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Thursday, October 06, 2005

[General] O Mother where art thou?

“Mother of the Nation” Judy Bailey (right) has been ‘let go’ by State Broadcaster TVNZ. Earning $800,000 a year (including a large sum of taxpayer’s money) Bailey sailing into controversy and has been dumped unceremoniously by the station.

Simon Dallow is tipped to replace her at the 6pm spot. But is he enough to stop the nation from switching to (the suddenly right-leaning) TV3? Especially with TV3 fronting their Bailey clone, Hillary Barry.

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Jack Yan said...

Has anyone ever, I mean, ever, heard Judy Bailey being called the 'mother of the nation', except by some sloppy journalists over the last week? What next, Hilary Timmins as the 'mother of gambling'?