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Thursday, November 10, 2005

[General] Breaking developments!

It seems no one wants to let go of the sex-in-the-bathroom cheerleaders. Sorry I mean the story about the sex-in the-bathroom cheerleaders.

I have MASSES of searches come to my blog searching for “pictures of Panthers cheerleaders” etc etc.

And now slightly more scandal, from the guys over at Jetsblog. One of the girls used a fake name: Kristen Lanier Owen. Owen is also a Panthers Cheerleader but was not at the bar nor in the cubicle (Kristen can be found on the Top Cats roster). This explains why early reports on the ::cough:: “incident” mentioned THREE cheerleaders being involved.

But it gets even MORE sordid!!!

...it seems the story is becoming more clear. One of the girl's was underage, which would explain [the] "borrowed" ID of Kristen Owen, who is now suspended by the team. Apparently one of the girls in Tampa was screaming ‘I am a Panther cheerleader. I’m not going to get arrested for this!’

This new development may hinder Penthouse magazines (find your own link for that one!). The magazine is trying to get the girls to pose (just a news link guys).

Has anyone asked themselves what, apart from the obvious, were cheerleaders from Carolina doing in Tampa, Florida? Does anyone really care? Just in case here is what was up. The Panthers (6-2) were playing an away game against the Buccaneers (5-3). The Panthers’ cheerleaders would not be on the sidelines but thought that they would travel to the game anyway. The Panthers won 31-14 and the rest is history.

As I mentioned earlier I completely scooped the NZ media on this one. When it comes to TRUE journalism they were found to be lacking.

PS. here are some "photos of the Panthers' cheerleaders Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas" to keep the hitcount up (hee hee)

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Zadok said...

Even the name of the bar they got caught in conjures up some interesting image; Banana Joes.