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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

[Sport] The Curtis Martini

Best thing to come out of the New York JetsNew Orleans Saints game.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (Nov. 27, 2005) - Jets running back Curtis Martin became the fourth NFL player to rush for 14,000 yards, reaching the mark with a 23-yard run in the first quarter of New York's game against New Orleans.

Martin, in his 11th season, joined Emmitt Smith (18,355), Walter Payton (16,726) and Barry Sanders (15,269) as the only players to reach the milestone. He needed just 19 yards to reach the mark.

On a first-down play on the New York 24, Martin went up the middle and then bounced out to the right sideline for the big run. It was Martin's fourth carry of the game after sitting out the Jets' second series. He appeared to have been banged up during an earlier run and was seen walking gingerly on the sideline.

Martin entered with 615 yards rushing this year, and could become the first player to start his NFL career with 1,000 yards rushing in each of his first 11 seasons.

In my mind this is THE ONLY THING the Jets should be thinking about. Getting C-Mart his 1,000 yards. Make that the team’s ethos, it’s mantra, it’s goal for the rest of the season. Winning doesn’t matter anymore (as nice as a win would be). I think it’s almost certain that Martin won’t be a starter next season but this season he can be a history maker.

When wins are meaningless (and at this point wins just mean the Jets will have a later pick in the 2006 draft) a team needs something to focus on. There are all those rumours floating around about Coach Herman Edwards possibly moving to Kansas City at the end of the season (should Dick Vermeil decide to hang up his red flag) and all those injuries the team can be excused for losing its way a little. But this record for Martin should be something the team can try to attain because it is actually possible.

And it IS possible. Martin only needs 294 yards from five games. That’s an average of 58.8 yards per game and he’s already averaging 64.2 yards per game. The boys up front just need to keep protecting him, the coaches need to call more running plays and the defence has to keep getting the ball back.

Sorry, that should be the offence should stop giving the ball away. The Jets are -9 in turnovers (24th overall) but second equal in giveaways with the 49ers and Packers.


Other stats for running backs can be dubious: for example in Week 9, Shaun Alexander’s 88-yarder against the Cardinals made Alexander only the fourth player to have two scoring runs of at least that distance (the other three: O.J. Simpson, Bo Jackson and Ahman Green)*. But total career yardage and continued seasonal stats (like Alexander’s 15 TDs in five consecutive seasons)** are solid because they show a lasting skill that wasn’t just a “fluke” play or crazy season.

Other notes about the Jets: NFL.com’s game preview listed eleven starters who were injured (not including season ending injuries like Chad Pennington) AND are the Jets are now down to QBs who aren’t even QBs. Tight End Doug Jolley is being prepped as a another QB just in case. That’s how desperate the Jets are right now.

Actually maybe they should just give the TE a shot how bad could it be? At best he’s another blocker in the line for a running play.

I got more rugby stats to write so that will do for now.

Oh and I think that Kerry Rhodes should be in the running for defensive rookie of the year.

And here is a brilliant piece about John Gruden's decision to go for two against the Redskins.

This is not to slight Shaun Alexander who is possible the best RB this season and edging for the league MVP (although I still think LT is better).

** See.



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