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Thursday, November 17, 2005

[Sport] Island of Criminals

The population of New Zealand is roughly 4,109,360. The Population of Australia is roughly 20,435,540. Or if you will Australia has roughly five times more people than we do.

So if they were looking for, let’s say, a good tighthead prop for example, they would have a much larger group of possibilities to choose from (if they bothered to invest in creating this sub-group of the population).

But what’s this? The Australians have come over to New Zealand and have tried to steal OUR tighthead props? But surely the Aussies would have realised that they needed a good one and invested in this crucial area of the game? No, oh well I suppose they’ve got enough money to buy one from us.

Except those wily cats down at the NZRU* were smart enough to catch what was going down and extended the contracts of all the tighthead props in the country.

And the British press called us the “Chelsea of international rugby”.

The Aussies can have Andrew Hore if they want. I hear they like criminals over there.

* This is the only time I will call the NZRU “wily cats”


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