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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

[General] Pimp my blog

To paraphrase Kid Rock’s Pimp of the Nation: “There’s two types of internet users, pimps and ‘Johns’; there’s just one type of blog…and that’s a ho!”

What does that mean?
I don’t know, but it kind of works with me pimpin’ out my friends.

  • Mike has been bust keeping his blog updated which is brilliant for me but bad for my productivity. His latest posts are on the rugby and Serenity.

  • Tom is still doing his own pimping of various places around Wellington with his “Shops We Love” ™ and “Mystery Bars” ™.

  • Rogers is back practicing the finest Monkey Kung-fu (and if any readers can explain the THIRTEEN reference, that would be much appreciated)

  • Bassett and the Jets Blog fall farther into incredulity as the Jets slump to 2-8 and have officially injured ALL of their starting QBs (only fourth and fifth stringers Vinnie Testeverde and Kliff Kingsbury remain healthy)

  • Russell Brown had me going for a while with his post on the rugby.

  • The Numbers Guy for the Wall St Journal, is fast becoming one of my favourite columnists

  • But easily my “freshest ho” is Jose Barbosa. Jose is a contributor here at the Hammer and also at Varsity.co.nz (his latest post about Mountain Boarding is here). Jose has, for the last few months, been collected screenshots from Campbell: Live and putting them up for the world to see. Right wing blogger who no one seems to like very much, David Farrar found it (with out linking back here I might add). And now Russell Brown (yes the same one as above) has noted Jose in weekly column for the Listener.

I’m all pimped out for the moment. But watch out for Mr Barbosa, he’s a man going places.


Kate said...

lol - I know one of JC's mates. So tempting to send him the link.
(evil canned laugther)

whitejacket said...

Go easy on Mr Farrar, Hade. Truth be told, I included a link to the Gallery in a post on his blog. (And he might have you shot, if he hears you bad mouthing him.)

David Farrar said...

Yes didn't know this blog existed until now. If you add on an RSS feed I can subscribe to you, which will autolink you also.

Hadyn said...

Apologies to Mr Farrar. I understand he has friends who could "take me out".

It's another case of sad attempts at humour working in ones brain but not working when read.

I had an RSS feed but then Ben told me it was busted but I don't yet know how to fix it.

mike said...

Your RSS feed is still working ok, Hade. It can be found at http://grabthar.blogspot.com/atom.xml. As far as I can tell it's being updated automatically.

Tom said...

Ah, I take it that you know you've been pimped right back by Mr Brown. How's your stats right now? :-)