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Monday, November 14, 2005

[Sports] Like to be like Mike

Atlanta's most recent result - a loss to highly unfancied Greenbay - at home, showed why we, the media, should just butt out and let the players play.

If we forget last week, Michael Vick, in an attempt to become a more rounded footballer (something we the media insist he do before he becomes a winning QB) had the following:

  • Season high in Passing attempts
  • Season high in Passing yards
  • Season low in Rushing attempts
  • Season low in Rushing yards

and guess what? Atlanta lost. It appears that Atlanta are 0-3 in games where Mike Vick rushes either less than 8 times or for less than 50 yards. Atlanta are 6-0 in the other games.

I say leave him alone. Hes the most entertaining QB in the game and so what if he'll never be a multi-superbowl winning QB. Hey, Dan Marino never won a superbowl, but you dont hear people saying he should have thrown the ball less and run a bit more.

Go back to your old style Mike. Fumbles make the game interesting for both sides. And as the Vikings just proved today, you dont need any offense to win games. Though some offense, San Francisco - I'm looking at you, might keep people coming back through the gate. Sheesh.


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