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Thursday, November 10, 2005

[General] ¡O mi dios, un qué bigote loco!

I have discovered (a little late) that November is actually Mo-vember (thanks Ben for the link). The “Mo” stands for moustache.

The rules seem to be simple:

No shaving of the upper lip for the duration of Movember, with a party to celebrate hirsute-ness early December…

The chaps aren't allowed any hair below the lip, nor any meeting of 'tache and sidies

I recently grew myself a nice handlebar ‘tache for a Mexican party and a friend of mine is known for his Diablo look (English version here). So I might just take up the Movember challenge.

::Caution. This paragraph contains strong language::
I have just been told that the “lads” (read “cocktards”) on Sports Café are running a Movember competition. This has nothing to do with them. Rot in Hell Sports Café ratfuckers!
::Caution over::

However… Movember began in Australia last year and raised A$55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation there.

Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers is encouraging its staff to participate and pay $1 for each day they have a moustache. The proceeds will be sent to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

PWC’s Movember co-ordinator, Brent Goldsack, says the month will be a good chance to change the perception of accountants.

"I guess accountants are seen as pretty serious people. We are - but we like to have a bit of fun too," says Mr Goldsack.

(Hee hee is anyone else laughing at the name: Goldsack?)

I’m not running a competition; BUT I will put up any mo-photo (or even mo-photoshoped images) I get sent. Have a great Movember and mind the soup-strainer doesn't get too big!

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Martha said...

Any photos? We've piked in this house. Not that I was growing one, heaven forbid. It was a royal we.