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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

[General] Sun-shiney Day

There is nothing better than Wellington on a good day. And today, my friends, is a good day.

Central Wellington is an urban environment with a small-town size (due mainly to geography). So, sunny days with no wind (which are few and far between) rock out very, very hard.

After breakfasting in the sun outside Revive café, I slouched my way to work (in my new Jets hat, thanks Regan!) and intend to spend my lunchtime lounging in the baking photons of Sol (and maybe play a little hacky sack in the park behind the parliamentary library).


Tom said...

And for those of you who want to see where Hadyn nicked that second picture from, it's from the streaming Courtenay Place webcam at Citylink's webcams page. Looks like no-one's sitting at our table!

Hadyn said...

Thanks Tom!

Honestly, I was supposed to put a link in the text.

whitejacket said...

Wow Hade, you're so "urban."