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Friday, November 25, 2005

[General] Sinny Sin Sins

Run off my feet for three days and strung out with a cold I was looking forward to this [small] window of free time on my Friday arvo. Then I popped over to Tom’s WellUrban blog and saw that I was tagged.


There go all the urbane comments I was going to make with a wit so dry that Mr Wilde himself would die of thirst. Instead here are my seven sins (in alphabetical order).

I envy everyone who could come up with a good pun for their title about this meme. [By the way mine is a reference to... anyone?]

Last Tuesday I had for lunch a Chi (which is half a Falling Water) and a Mrs Mac’s Steak and Cheese pie (which contains no less than four cubic metres of liquid cheese) AND a combo fried rice from Chow Main Cube on the Terrace. Then we went to Sandwiches for dinner.
Is it gluttonous to purchase cucumber from the supermarket just so that one can have Falling Waters at home and then not actually eat the cucumber?

I. Want. It!

My mum reads this! So I will have to run the old joke: Two cheerleaders walk into a bar…

My search for the ultimate T-shirt has yet to be accomplished; a T-shirt that defines my perfect pecs in just the right way (ho ho).

What are you kidding me? Sundays I usually eat brunch at a time that should technically be called “Lupper”.

Me? Never! Oh wait, except here. Oh and here. And here. And… actually is it too late to change my answer to yes?

Well that’s all seven. I tag…Mike, if he wants to be tagged and that’ll do.

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