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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

[General] F*cktards (without swearing)

Roll up, roll up.

If I meet any one who says:

  • That they work for IBM
  • That they are a “hacker” or have written a virus
  • That they love Microsoft XP’s Service Pack 2
  • That they think Don Brash has some good ideas
  • That they want to see some “real evidence” about global warming
  • That people who surf the net waste work time
  • The lies of a politician and claim that it’s the truth
I will punch them in the throat. A good throat punch is sometimes the best way to solve the world’s problems.

A throat punch says to someone that they needed to check their facts before speaking. That they wanted to maybe be a bit nicer to another person rather than just f*cking everyone off or over.

Speaking of Don Brash I heard some juicy gossip about him the other day which I shall in no way publish here. But if you really hate him I suggest call him Dan Brash instead. Somehow it’s really funny


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the whole global warming deniers include the guy who said "old mans beard must go!" You know, the guy who is, like, a famous scientist? Who said that lots of glaciers were getting bigger (except the organisation he said recorded the information said he was a retard)? Would you punch him in the throat?

ben.run said...

The people needing punching are those who can't get it to work! Usually because they have 1 million pieces of crapware on their computer, then blame microsoft when it doesn't all work.