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Monday, June 13, 2005

[General] Excuses Excuses

Sorry for the lack of posts vigilant readers (and vigilante readers).

I have been oppressed by the corporate state (also know as the coprolite state when typing too fast, look up “coprolite” it’s funny). “They” don’t want my freedom of speech and they have put a “gag order” on me.

Actually before you all go looking for a petition to sign, I should say that I have just been blogging a bit too much at work and they’ve asked me very politely to stop. So after this one (God I hope they don’t get me) I’ll be blogging from home. This will take a while because I have to get broadband installed.

So sit tight and maybe José, Dave and Dom will have some stuff to say.

Dom thinks the Spurs will win the NBA (if they haven’t already) so maybe Dave will say something about that.


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