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Thursday, June 09, 2005

[General] I swear, the stuff about rugby is coming!

Continuing with my policy of not blogging about what happened the day before, here is yet another quick off-topic post before the main event.

I need these to “warm up”. I have only just had breakfast this minute (despite waking at 6.30am) and it takes a while for the brain cells to accelerate to full speed. Peanut Butter on Vogels toast helps a lot though.

Firstly, the NZ Herald has broadened its repertoire to include “humour”. It has given “10 reasons we are not a Nation-Obsessed-by-Rugby”. We were called this by one of the 146,789 management staff that Sir Clive Woodward has brought with him on tour. By the way it’s “humour” not humour because it is so unbelievably not funny.

The Herald also has a short piece about the new Batman movie: Batman Begins. I recently got invited to the Wellington premiere of War of the Worlds. But I wanted to take my partner and wasn’t allowed, so I will see it with the Hoi Polloi. By the way, this is the Steven Spielberg version not the H.G. Wells version which has been made by Pendragon Pictures. Pendragon has followed the book as closely as possible but has a much smaller budget (it has been funded by some Microsoft execs). The latest trailer is here. There is a third version which will also be released this year with the title “H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds”, just to confuse you. This third version is the cheap, made-for-video version of the Spielberg film and stars C. Thomas Howell and Jake Busey. Avoid this one at all costs.

Dolphins are using tools! Human Race, are you listening, we are screwed. This reminds me of two things: first the Onion article that reported that Dolphins had evolved opposable thumbs; second Douglas Adams. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.

Lastly (for this post)…
If you are reading this because you are bored at work, get out now! Boring jobs have been proved to be killers.

But come back and read more when you’re at home and all relaxed.

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whitejacket said...

I saw Batman Begins yesterday at the first NZ screening! Bwah ha ha! My review is over at www.varsity.co.nz if youse wanna read!