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Saturday, June 25, 2005

[Sport] What's coming this weekend?

Here’s a tip: Bet on the Lions.

The odds are that they won’t win but, and this an important but, if they do you will get much more money than you would betting on the Abs. This also works for office pools where picking the Lions will net the whole stash if they win by even one point.

I will point out again that I do not condone gambling, and if you lose your money no crying in my direction.

By the way, British reporters have placed themselves in a good position leading into this test. If the Lions win it is because they are great; if they lose it is because the management team is too unwieldy OR (for Welsh reporters) because Sir Clive Woodward is racist against the Daffodil nation (Wales).

I believe that the All Blacks will win on Saturday. I believe that I will be pissed off at the inane commentary of TV3’s 400 strong team of idiots. I often wonder which one has more people: the Lions management team or the TV3 Rugby commentary team. And if Bull Allen mentions Bishop Tāmaki I’m turning it off. The sound not the game, I’ll do my own bloody commentary. Actually if you ask my partner she’ll tell you I already do, even when I’m alone ::sigh::.

Here is what I am hoping. I hope that when the All Blacks do the Haka, everyone in the stadium joins them. International rugby players have said how scary the haka looks and sounds. Imagine how freaky it would be if 50,000 or so fans were doing it at the same time. Rock & Roll.

Is there any other sport on this weekend?

Wimbledon is still going. But that has been boring for the moment.

The Warriors are going to lose to the Broncos. Don’t be silly of course they are. It’s karma for that whole Shaun Metcalf thing.

The Pistons are going to go home and think about what happened. They lost in game seven to the Spurs, who won their second title in three years. Well done Spurs. Dom picked you to win but I don’t think he thought it would take you seven games.

Roughly 9,897,651 games of baseball will be played. Speaking of which, did anyone catch that Onion article the other week?

NBA Postseason interrupted by NBA Preseason

How is that baseball going anyway? The top AL team is the Chicago White Sox (49-22) and the top NL team is the St Louis Cardinals (45-27). Dom will have some kind of explanation why the Yankees are five games behind the Orioles and 4.5 games behind the Red Sox.

But don’t worry baseball fans after approximately (and this figure is not a joke) 2,130 games we have another (also not a joke) 2,146 to go! That’s right it’s nearly half way through the season.

It’s short but it’ll do (said the pastor to the model), have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Don't believe this man! Never bet against a home team ESPECIALLY in a work pool! I picked the Reds to beat the Chiefs at a Chiefs home game. Yes, I did win a jersey, but oh the booing.