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Friday, June 03, 2005

[Sport] Get 'em Susan!

Yesterday contained some of the worst sports news ever. It gave me absolutely no confidence, at all, in the people who officiate over our national sports.

Let’s talk about the netball. To quickly fill in those of you who have just joined us: the BOP Magic topped the National Bank Cup and as such won the rights to host the final (home-field advantage). This right was taken away from the Magic yesterday when the proposed venue was considered “unsuitable” by Netball New Zealand (NNZ) despite it meeting their continued “suggestions”.

Did anyone else catch Susan Devoy versus Shelly McMeekan on Cambell:Live? Devoy was PISSED OFF. She was angry because Netball BOP has been working with the Tauranga City Council and the local fire department to make the QEYC a viable venue with enough seats (while still being safe). NNZ would make a “suggestion” and Netball BOP would get it done, NNZ made some consolations (less seating, drug testing off-site etc) but at some point yesterday said: “Nup, you can’t have it”.

Tauranga itself has been hit by intense flooding during this period and had to deal with that first, obviously. Now after quite a bit of bad luck, NNZ comes along and kicks them in the nuts (so to speak).

Dame Susan Devoy said it right last night; her parting comment to McMeekan was “well, why don’t you try to find a neutral venue?” Then, before the camera cut off, there was some angry and frustrated growling and grumbling from Devoy, John Campbell looked slightly embarrassed.

Why don’t they find a neutral venue, like Auckland? And then there’s the question of ticket takings. Do the Magic see any of that moolah?

It’s got me quite angry really. I might have to go have a swim or a beer. Hmmm.
Why not BOTH!

There you go some light entertainment to end this angry post, because coming up next I will attempt to explain the 2006 NPC season.

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