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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

[General] Warm-up Blog

From one of my favourite blogs: Kung Fu Monkey.

The 1st Law of Marketing: Nail any two random pieces of wood together, into any random configuration, and some idiot, somewhere ... will buy it.

2nd Law of Marketing: Porn Drives Technology.

This last part refers to:

Photography, magazine printing, home movie equipment both camera and projectors, the evolution of video cameras, VCR's, cable, the Interweb -- all advanced in tech and exploded into the mainstream as soon as their usefulness to getting porn from over there to over here became apparent. If it allowed you to make your own porn -- well then, gold mine. So I say, march on, merchants of filth! March on, into ... the FUTURE!
Add in DVDs as well, all those special feature things like different camera angles etc were apparently developed for adult movies first. Have a look at what is happening to the PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Stuff about my weekend (including photos) coming soon…

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