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Thursday, June 02, 2005

[General] Half Life is a pretty good description

Remember when you would hit a button on your computer (say a link to a website or the Word icon) and then your computer would go away for a minute or two and then come back with what you wanted. Well that is how I am currently working. The super craptastic IBM (which is supposedly Pentiumed up the ying-yang, though that could just be a sticker) may as well have an orange and black screen for all the computing power it has. Grrrr. And whenever an email comes in, it freezes for a minutes while it creates the helpful little envelope and accompanying sound. It’s like working in the eighties but without the ugly clothes.

As I write this the computer has told me (via the Windows operating system) that I am low on virtual memory. Me? I am low on virtual memory? I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself my technological friend.

Either way, thanks to Kung Fu Monkey and Alice at Wonderland for this link. Some guy has taken the stuff from Half Life 2 and bunged it into real life photos. Very nice.

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