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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

[Sport] Be like Mike

I forgot to put up (even though we were talking about it over the weekend) that Mike has done a very good statistical analysis on the All Blacks.

Seems some drunken Scotsman (yes that was a cheap shot) said that the All Blacks could take on and beat all the Grand Slam teams in one day! No doubt, but now here's proof.



mike said...

You give me too much credit! "...very good statistical analysis..." Well, it's possibly "very", I don't know about the "good" part, it wasn't really "statistical" and I'm not very good at "analysis". It's probably more "...very average crappola musing..." Still, it was fun.

Hadyn said...

To be fair I skim read it. But you based the ranking on something surely... didn't you?

mike said...

Of course...all those great stats like metres gained, tackles made, line breaks, etc, that are all over the NZ rugby pages...oh...wait...OK, I made it up.