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Friday, December 02, 2005

[Sports] These are people in your neeeeighbourhood

Congratulations to Barcelona midfielder Ronaldinho. The Brazilian footballer has just received the prestigious European footballer of the year award at a ceremony in Paris. Ronaldinho pushed aside challenges from goal scoring machine Andrei Shevchenko (Ukraine and AC Milan), the freakish Thierry Henry (Arsenal and France), Chelsea and England hero Frank Lampard, and European Cup winner and Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard (England). A further accolade sees Ronaldinho as a World Footballer of the Year finalist alongside Lampard and Cameroon striker, and fellow Barcelona player, Samuel Eto. Should he win the World Player title he will complete a remarkable triple crown after also securing the inaugural FIFPro World Player of the Year award in September. The 25 year-old apparently born to play football and “the successor to the great Pele” appears to have the footballing world at his feet. You can check out some of his talent here.

He still looks like a horse though.


Gary Freedman said...

Rock on!

Hadyn said...

That is a giant fuckload of links Gibbs!

Where do you find the time (ho ho)

Gibbs said...

I was going for the 'Hammer Record for links. As for time, i keep a bag of it under my desk. You can help yourself.