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Friday, December 02, 2005

[General] Bloggers, Transform and Roll out!

A workmate of mine (Rachel this is your first mention on my blog!) just passed this info on to me.

NZ’s first international blog conference - March 17-18, 2006. (I'll put a link in the sidebar as well for the late comers).


I'll be there (or at least that's the plan at the moment) and maybe I'll see you? of course I wont know what you look like... unless I already know you... best leave it there before it gets confusing.


Tom said...

Ah Hadyn, you beat me to it. Have you heard much about it or the people behind it in terms of credentials etc? It sounds interesting, but if it were a big serious event in the blogging world I'm sure that RB would have been onto it by now.

Which reminds me, I wonder whether there's time before Christmas to squeeze in a less international, less formal but decidedly more boozy blogging convention of our own?

whitejacket said...

A better header for this item would have been: :Bloggers! Transform and roll out!

Shame about the cricket, eh? Gibbs, will be getting a wee rant from you on the debacle?

Hadyn said...

And so it shall be Jose!

Lynsey said...

Hi Hayden
Thanks for the posting. Yep, the organisers exist, the venue - Turnbull House (www.turnbullhouse.co.nz) is just across the road from the Beehive (I can't vouch for that), and the speakers - well, check out their blogs.

Details are filling in fast on the site bloghui.org.

There's the call for papers, posters, and praxis. Submission specifications at bloghui.org

Key thing for your readers to note is - registration is on now. Of course, everyone says numbers are limited (meaning to numbers greater than the russian army) but in this case numbers are very limited - deliberately - so everyone attending has a good chance to chat to the speakers.

You might've heard Mark Bernstein at the Sydney BlogTalk Downunder in May 2005 - he's genuinely interesting. As for Trevor Romain - a slightly different approach - he blogs on the scary very personal sides of life, and Torill Mortensen; log into WOW and watch for the warrior woman riding a wolf. Her thing in life is games theory - check out her blog.

I'm in Aussie right now, working on convincing James Farmer (www.inscub.org) to come over for the hui. James has helped launch well over 2,000 blog sites. The hui theme is Activate! Now James is a man who knows how to activate blog building. Yes, 2,000.

Wellington, March 16-17 2006 - the last days of the international arts festival, the capital will be buzzing, and then, the cherry on top, we get to meet you, Hayden. It'll be great.