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Friday, December 16, 2005

[Sport] Just passing the time


What a nice word. Baseball is America’s National Pastime. Not it’s National Sport. It is the way the Nations passes its time.

Here in New Zealand rugby is our National Sport, but not our pastime. I have a feeling that our pastime is cricket. Beach cricket if I have to be specific, but cricket will do. This is probably because cricket takes SO BLOODY LONG. You can play for four days and end in a draw (possibly because all the players have fallen asleep).

Once again I will get angry emails from the usual suspects. But really this isn’t a rant, it’s a chance to pimp out my friend Mike who has some loverly (sic) photos of the cricket up on his site.

Also to Mr Tibby who said to me: “You don’t enough blog about netball!”

Here is a photo for you.


Anonymous said...

Did Mr Tibby put the words in that order after he'd had a few to drink last Friday night, or is this the effect of a liquid lunch on you Haydn?


Hadyn said...

Actually there were two influences here: I was running out the door to a liquid lunch and all I had to eat was flu pills and Red Bull.

It was a great morning!

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