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Thursday, October 20, 2005

[Sport] We’re all professionals here

Who are the heroes of the yet-to-be-kicked-off Super 14? So far they are Tony Brown and Keith Lowen. Before the whistle is blown to start the new, but ultimately predictable, Super 14 rugby tournament these two players have stood out. Why? Because they are New Zealanders playing in South African teams.

Brown (formerly of the Highlanders) has signed with the Sharks and Lowen (formerly of the Chiefs) with the newly formed Cheetahs (worst name in the world). I have been calling for full professionalism of the Super 14 (though it was just 12 when I started) for bloody ages. Separate the tournament from international and provincial ties and instead make it a completely professional tournament like the NFL (yes, I am gonna say it again).

Why can’t we just open it up for everyone to have a go? Please see many many many articles in the archives on this subject (I don’t want to become a broken record).

PS: Go the Chiefs for finally creating a Super 12 14 website worth going to!


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