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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

[General] Linking Mondays

I have some less serious stuff to follow but first: John Rogers linked to this very important article about blogging and the US Army’s quest for freedom (of speech).

Mail it to your friends. Post it on your blogs, and remember ...we have always been at war with Eastasia

I have also added some links to the side-board.

My favourite pop-artist Coop has himself a blog (called Positive Ape Index). His artwork website (Coop Stuff) is not work safe however, you have been warned.

The Orange is the sports blog of Dave Archibald, which I think I linked to earlier.

The statistical analysis of the Tri-Nations is coming. In fact I am going to a Statistics New Zealand conference today, so maybe I can hit up some real stats people for their opinion. (It's the "free cocktails" part of the conference so they might be bit more affable.

And coming up: more rugby and more American Football…however it is a very sunny day, which could call for a very long lunch.

ps. [after a very long lunch] I have added another link on the side-board. This one is a Wellington Street Art blog (mainly from a camera phone). Thanks to Tom for the link.

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