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Monday, October 10, 2005

[General] Stalking USA

Check out my friend Dena's blog. She has been out with her digital camera hunting down celebrities (and here) again. Here is her previous best.

Legend has it that Dena once chased Cliff Curtis down the street in order to get a photo with him. In her defence Cliff wasn't running away she was just catching up.

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Tom said...

Ah, but the Cliff Curtis thing occurred back when Dena was still a fresh green proto-stalker, a stalking newbie if you will. She did catch up with Cliff, and he was more than happy to have his photo taken, but poor Dena found that her camera had no memory card!

Dena vowed never to be caught unprepared again, and her celeb-stalking career has now gone on to the great heights that we see today.