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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

[General] What's in a name?

The internet is a wondrous tool for the sharing of information. It is also a way of pretending to be someone else; to lead a fictitious life. On the internet (especially in chat rooms, I hear) people can become anyone they want to.

In order to do this many change not only their internet appearance through avatars, but also through crazy name generators.

My name is:

Dragging Gums Truman (Blues player)

Handcrafted Android Designed for Yelling and Nullification (Cyborg)

Stanky Smurf (duh)

Hadgr Diham Neenissan (Star Wars)

Elvis Aron Stanton, but everyone calls me Tex (Hillbilly)

Tathar Telemnar (Elvish)

Chutle (Pokemon)

Hadyn “The Blossom” Green (Mafia)

Sexecutioner Impious Maximus (Super Villain)

And as many of you may have seen on my sideboard my Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Dagger of Looking at All Sides of the Question.

Coming up with a crazy name is now not just the domain of celebrity parents and pasty people rolling 2D8s to beat a dwarf.

Yes this was just an excuse to post up the nutso names that I generated.

I also came across this internet community where you can act out all of your weirdo fantasies about furries and anime. No I am not a member.

1 comment:

Jack Yan said...

I like those names made up of nonsense words that no real person would ever actually have, like Rénée Zellweger, Meryl Streep, Wyatt Creech or Reese Witherspoon. Aren’t they just fun to say?