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Monday, October 31, 2005

[General] Hamster from Rewrite-Hell

Ouija boards: OOOoooOOOooooOOOOOOooo. But due to fear on the set that the board might actually work Mike and I have to do a quick rewrite and rearrangement of the script. How do you (easily) conjure up a demon without a Ouija board?

However due to various social engagements we have been yet to complete this simple task. I have had all sorts of format problems on my computer until I discovered that it was easy to copy from a PDF to Final Draft.

So Paul if you’re reading this, it will be done soon. (And he might be because some one in the UK found this site by searching for “Paul Campion Hell Hamsters”).

Goddamn Jesus it’s hot today!

How hot is it?

What were you born on the sun! It’s hot! So hot I could cook something in my shorts, do a little crotch-pot cooking, it’s daaamn hot. It’s so hot I saw one of those little guys in the grey suits (Wellington variation) just burst into flame!

We just sat on the paving outside parliament and baked during lunch. The only thing keeping us from melting into little gooey puddles was the slight breeze. Goddamn beautiful.

Sports post coming up next.

Oh and Fonzie is 60 today.

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