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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

[NFL] Hugs All Round

Let’s start this post with a heart-warming story:

Rams DT Lewis kicked out of game

ST. LOUIS (Oct. 23, 2005) -- Rams defensive tackle Damione Lewis was ejected in the first quarter of the team's game after punching a New Orleans Saints player after the whistle.

Replays appeared to show Lewis giving center LeCharles Bentley a hard left to the groin region with 8:41 to go. Lewis, a first-round pick in 2001, does not start but is part of a rotation in the interior line.

Speaking of “hard ones to the groin” here is a photo of Lions kicker Jason Hanson celebrating his team’s victory with team mate Nick Harris.

Ohhhh, that’s sweet. They must be in love.

On to the real stuff. As I write this the Monday Night football is being brought to me via the internet and I can “see” that Vinnie Testavarde had fumbled 3 times (so far) after being sacked. The Falcons have scored from each fumble (2TDs and a FG). The Jets HAVE to get someone for the line or else you could have anyone back there and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

Actually I have just looked up and the Jets have scored a TD to make it 20-7.

There were no real upsets this weekend (unless the Jets come back, Go Jets!). The Bears beat the Ravens in what must have been the most boring game ever. Only three points were scored in the second half. Ick! A good defensive can be fun but that just sounds dull not tense.

Who is leading overall? Well first in the league is the undefeated Colts (7-0), followed by the Buccaneers (5-1), then the Seahawks, the Bengals and the Broncos all on 5-2. The NFC still looks the better conference with only five teams with a .333 record or worse compared to the AFC’s seven teams (which includes winless Houston).

The Colts look good to make it to Superbowl XL (the biggest Superbowl so far). They might meet the Bucs but I doubt it. I still think Philly’s got the goods to be the NFC champ (considering they were able to keep Ladanian Tomlinson to seven yards from 17 attempts!

Anyhow here are a couple of sports photos I found:

<>Hockey’s back!Sometimes baseballers just need to be held
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