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Friday, October 28, 2005

[General] You're It!

Tom tagged me a day or so again. But I have been away. (which is why the absence of posts). This meme requires twenty (20) “random” items. Righty-ho then:

  1. This tree apparently resembles Jesus (I don’t see it)
  2. Life imitates art (or at least the movie Supertroopers)
  3. “Gimme a liter o’ cola” (ho ho, see quotes from Supertroopers)
  4. These guys!
  5. Wayne Mapp is coming to fix my PC
  6. Radio Fitchie
  7. Revelation: I also secretly write one of the blogs I link to on my sidebar!
  8. It’s not the one I just linked to
  9. Wind is NOT part of Wellington’s charm
  10. I used to write the quiz at Auckland University’s tavern, Shadows, until this year
  11. The guys who write the Live Wire quizzes are idiots who don’t check if their answers are correct
  12. I have 291 MP3’s stored on my work computer
  13. Those Mp3’s include: Martinibomb & The Coconut Monkeyrocket’s song Munster Beat!
  14. Someone found this site by searching for “Where did dinosaurs sleep?”
  15. Another person searched for “Richie Cunningham slippers
  16. Every week someone is looking for “throat punch
  17. If you find a slightly dubious story make sure it’s true here
  18. If you see a slightly dubious photo check if its true at the above link first then go here
  19. I don’t have SKY but everyone thinks I do for some reason
  20. I could only come up with 19 random items

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