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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Producers

I must be crazy.

It's not like I'm writing my first feature-length film script and screen-printing tshirts and bowling in a bowling league and entertaining visiting friends and working a paying job. I have now taken on all the duties of producing a 48hours film.

This is quite frankly...nuts. Don't I remember how nuts it was last year?

This year our team is smaller so it should be easier to wrangle (Ha! now I'm sounding really crazy). Jenn, who was our fearless leader last year, sent me these tips, and I figured I'd put them up for any one else who is in the same boat as me.

  • first thing .. book a camera NOW. They are hard to come by when it gets closer to the time...
  • Just be organized, as much as you can ahead of time...
  • find locations that can double as many types of film ideas,
  • get a small idea of what equipment you may need and get it ready ... a couple lights maybe, sound equipment, etc.
  • Get your crew set ..
  • You'll need a few pa's to help you out .. we had 3 and I kept them all busy,
  • get your editor, sound/boom op, dp/director, writers, grip/gaffer (couple of them is best), actor and actress at least .. book a few, you can always find a way to get them in the movie,
  • maybe someone to do your still photos (optional) .. etc ..,
  • get your post organized ... how you are going to get your stuff from your camera to the computer,and back out to tape .. and then test the system so you don't scramble with the how to on the night it's due ;)
  • Get as much stuff ahead of time, tapes, paper, grip tape, possible smoke machine, etc ..
  • keep the crew happy, fed, watered, and rested when they really need it. Do all you can to keep them as stressfree as possible, and it will run smoothly :) (hopefully!)
  • Think of all scenarios, and what you may like to have, and book it.
  • You'll have to guess (with the help of the director and writers) .. what things you want to spend the money on, in case you need them.
  • Get your computers organized .. make sure you have them and someone to run them .. Oh, and a techie guy is great for things that can go wrong!
  • ...and enjoy yourself too! It is all about fun!

These really are fantastic tips.


che tibby said...

check check boss.

assistant producer/lacky has all these tings noted.

stephen said...

...And commission your soundtrack composer? ;)