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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hamsters of the Gods

Dear all

Hell Hamsters has been furiously working at that festival wheel!

By July, it had screened or was going to screen at the following festival:

  • FantasyCon 2006 (UK)
  • HorrorFest (UK)
  • Nervermore Film Festival (US)
  • A Night of Horror (Sydney, Aus)
  • Angry Film Festival (US)
  • Zompire Film Festival (US)
  • Another Hole In The Head (US)
  • DragonCon (US)
  • It Came From Lake Michigan (US)
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival (US)
  • Dark Carnival Festival (US)

Now it will also be screening and in competition at the following festivals:

  • Show Me Your Shorts (NZ)
  • Terror Film Festival (US)
  • Hollywood Film Festival (US)
  • ScreamFest LA (US) - in fact it's screening there pretty much at the same time as the Hollywood Film Festival
  • Big Mountain Short Film Festival (NZ)
  • Eerie Film festival (US)
  • Thriller Chiller!(US)
  • B-Movie Fest (US)
  • Encounters Short Film Festival (UK)

I'm particularly proud that HH was selected for Encounters, as it's the best UK short film festival.

Hell Hamsters has now tallied up 20 festivals - well done all!


Elisabeth and Paul

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