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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


O great and powerful Hivemind please help me!

I have been given two Rose's chocolates as a token of thanks. But separated from the box I have no way of identifying the contents of the shiny wrapper.

The first was easy, in a bright green wrapper it is marked (much like the Poison Arrow Frog) as containing mint (possibly pepper, hopefully spear).

The other is somewhat of a mystery and it is in this that I seek your guidance O wise and benevolent Hivemind (please see fig 138 below)


Tom said...

Turkish delight?

Anonymous said...

rose or coconut caramel?

Jed said...

You'd think that the Cadbury website would be helpful but no. In fact, it's barely usable. And the "latest news" was from 30/3/2007.

My vote is for some kind of caramel.

llew said...

I think it's turkish delight

Hadyn said...

I gave up and went across the road to the other building where my workmate resides and asked to look at the box lid.

Drum roll please...

It's a coconut caramel. Anonymous wins.

Miss Philipa Bean said...

Roses, schmoses. Come over to the dark side, and accept nothing but Ferrero Rocher.

Sophistication in a crinkly gold wrapping and a miniature doily! And they make your fillings ache!