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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Skeleton’s in my iCloset

I’m just going to do this like a band-aid. Here is the list of the “Top Ten songs on my iPod that I am always afraid will come up when other people are listening”:

1. Say My Name – Destiny’s Child (Destiny’s Child: Greatest Hits)

I put a bunch of songs on my iPod from Amy’s CDs, this was one of them. There are two other D-Child songs on the iPod but I like them more.

2. I’m a Slave for You – Britney Spears (Britney)

Cough. Um, I am actually surprised that there aren’t more Britney songs on the iPod. I got a bunch of remixes of Toxic a while ago and I am a sucker for pop music. Oh, they are on my computer not my iPod. This was Britney’s “dirty” phase when she was in direct competition with Christina Aguliera.

3. In da Club – 50cent (Get Rich or Die Tryin’)

This is the ultimate song for White Boys who like to think they are “Gangsta”. Sigh, I am SO white, but I have no illusions about my gangsta-ness. I just like the way 50 (pronounced “fity”) mumbles his way through his songs.

4. Star Wars Cantina Song – John Williams (Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack)

Oh God! I am such a geek! I also have the Imperial March, but I really like that song.

5. Saturday Night(’s Alright for Fightin’) [Live] – Elton John with Anastacia (One Night Only)

Now, I wouldn’t be embarrassed if this was the original recording (or even if it was a live version from back in the day). But an old, fat, flamboyantly gay Elton teamed with pop “star” Anastacia singing about knife fights just doesn’t seem right.

6. What a Feeling – Irene Cara (Flashdance Soundtrack)

Damn you Amy! This should’ve been removed when I tidied up on the weekend. Previous songs from Amy on my iPod include Boston’s More Than a Feeling.

7. Rock Your Body – Justin Timberlake (Justified)

What can I say; it’s catchy and reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Thriller era.

8. Enter Sandman – Metallica (Metallica)

A spectre is haunting my iPod, the spectre of boganism.

9. Angie – the Rolling Stones (Goats Head Soup)

Having often voiced my opinion that I do not like the Rolling Stones, there is an irony (or hypocrisy) in me having a Stones album on my iPod. I like most of the songs but I do hate this one. Seriously.

10. Freakin’ it – Will Smith (Willenium)

Like the Britney Spears entry above, I am surprised that I only have one Will Smith song on my iPod. However, for some reason it is the worst song by him that I have. And like Justin Timberlake the album is a pun on his name.

Wow that was an extremely self-deprecating thing to do first thing in the morning. Feel free to send me your barbs and arrows. Or you could send me your embarrassing song lists. Whatever.

Now on a different note…

C’Mon Everybody! Do the iPod Shuffle!

Setting my video iPod to shuffle I get…

1. Goldfinger Shirley Bassey (James Bond 30th Anniversary Disc)

Ah, the classics

2. Do One – Gomez (Split the Difference)

I really love the twangy country-esque sound of this song. Big ups to Jose for putting me onto Gomez.

3. Nowhere to Run to – Martha and the Vandellas (???)

I can’t remember where I got this from but I’ve had it for ages. “Martha and the Vandellas” has to be one of the cooler band names in history.

4. Ize of the World – The Strokes (First Impressions of Earth)

Ah, New York rock.

5. Wrong Way – Sublime (Sublime)

This takes me back to 1997. What a great year!

6. Stone the Crows – Roots Manuva (Run Come Save Me)

This is easily Manuva’s best album. I found his last one was too dark and on Brand New Second Hand, it felt like he was still finding his feet.

7. Sir Psycho Sexy – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Blood Sugar Sex Magic)

Ever listened to the lyrics of this song? This was back when the Chilis were still edgy and cool and not just easy radio rock (if you’ll excuse Under the Bridge). I really don’t like the Chilis now. This is perfect first date music (ho ho)

8. She Don’t Use Jelly – Ben Folds Five (Lounge-A-Palooza)

Ah the Lounge Revival. I’m still waiting for the Lounge Revival Revival.

9. Eclipse – Robyn (Robyn)

I got this CD for the song Konichiwa Bitches (which is bloody awesome) and then found that the rest of the album was a non-offensive mix of angry pop songs so I dumped the whole lot onto the iPod. She's from Sweden by the way.

10. Boom! – The Roots (The Tipping Point)

Ah, there’s the Hip-Hop! The Tipping Point is a very good album that I only got recently. Happily, it is surprisingly dancy.

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ben.run said...

Flashdance is great!