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Friday, May 05, 2006

In iPod We Trust

My Friday shuffle list (bored of these yet?)

  1. A Woman’s Worth (live) – Alicia Keys – Unplugged
    Miss Keys is a regular on my shuffles. I prefer the original recording of this song. The unplugged album as a whole is pretty “up and down”
  2. PyramidWolfmother – Wolfmother
    Oh, rock!
  3. Hooker With a PenisTool – Ænima
    Am I allowed to say “penis” on a blog? Of course in rugby a hooker with a penis is usually the case.
  4. Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana – Nevermind
    There are some albums that I feel I should own as a product of 90’s music. Nevermind, Blood Sugar Sex Magic and Ten are the big ones on my list. It’s less of a thing I should have to prove I was “there” but more of a “these albums were the culture at the defining point of my life” (i.e. teenagerism)
  5. CarmellaBeth Orton – Daybreaker
    There’s nothing nicer than a bit of Beth Orton on a hot day, drinking mint juleps under a tree in a field. I am, however, at work on a grey rainy day and Beth is still nice to hear.
  6. JumbleMinuit – the 88
    I only got this album a little while ago but I am loving every minuit of it (har har)
  7. Garden GroveSublime – Sublime
    Sublime = Roadtrip. There was no chance, NO CHANCE, of that so I skipped this song.
  8. Boom BoomJohn Lee Hooker – Best of…
    Made coffee while I listened to this. Co-workers looked at me strangely while I sing under my breath “gonna shoot you right down”
  9. Bad DreamTricky feat. ? – Pre-Millenium Tension
    I don’t know who the chick is singing this but I love this song. It conjures up so many short films.
  10. Me and Bobby McGeeJanis Joplin – Best of…
    and finish with a classic.

The songs actually got better after this (not that these were bad) including Neko Case’s song The Tigers Have Spoken which is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard.

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His Whoreness said...

martina topley-bird was tricky's vocalist until they parted ways just before his album angels with dirty wings came out in the 1990s

she's since disappeared into obscurity along with her solo career - nothing to write home about from the few tracks i've heard

here endeth the lesson

thank you and please come again