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Friday, May 26, 2006

Public Service Announcement

There will be no, repeat NO, creativity here today. None.

I am once again taking on the 48hr film challenge. And as co-writer for our team I must ensure that my creative juices don’t leak out of me like …SEE! That’s the type of metaphor that I need to keep to myself this weekend.

So instead I offer a couple of “dry” posts:

1. A discussion of Rugby and American Football

2. A pimpin’ blog

Yep, basically it’s filler.

By the way here are some posts that discuss last year’s 48 hour film challenge:

  1. Last year’s warning
  2. A re-cap of last year’s event
  3. Mike’s version
  4. Premiere Night
  5. Mike’s critique of last year’s finalists

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