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Friday, October 13, 2006

Intellectual Discussions

The question was asked:

How much money would you have to drop into a urinal before you'd reach in to
retrieve it?
and the answers came.

Some were short
$5, but only in note form. Though if I dropped $10 in 2 dollar coins it would be a decision based on the circumstances (i.e. can I wash my hands.)

Hmmm, depends on the condition of the urinal. A nice clean one, maybe $20, although I'd take it straight to the basin and wash with water and soap straight away. A dirty one would take a lot, maybe $200.
Others were considered

It’s a strange triangulation between humiliation, hygiene, and

  • Hygiene. Is the urinal new and ‘clean’ looking? Or is it one of those ancient metal troughs? If I’ve got to rescue my $$ out of a pile of those blue cube thingies that people push around with their streams, no frickin way. Is there ‘pooled’ urine that isn’t mine? No way. Unless I can flick the $$ out with a match, land it on a piece of paper, rinse it, and then somehow get it to the bar without having to touch it. The bar keep can worry about it from there.
  • Humiliation. If I’m pissed enough to drop my cash, but not pissed enough not to care, then getting to the latter is the more important variable.
  • Thriftiness. Taking into account all the former, if I don’t fish that moola out, someone else will.
All agreed though that the amount rose exponentially with the amount of actual urine in said receptical. And you thought you wouldn’t learn anything here!

1 comment:

ben.run said...

I'm supprised the amounts are so high. I would have thought more people would have been willing to pick up a $1 coin and wash it and hands in the basin. Perhaps I have not encountered gross enough urinals!