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Thursday, November 16, 2006

More on the Gridiron

Randy Moss was traded to Oakland after grumbling through his last season in Minnesota. I imagine Oakland wasn’t his first pick given their lousy QB Kerry Collins. In order to utilise Randy’s huge potential the Raiders passed on franchise QB Matt Leinart in the 2006 draft and instead signed New Orleans’ useless cast-off Aaron Brooks, who sucked. They then replaced Brooks with Andrew Walter, who also sucks.
Randy makes a catch
So now Randy is grumbling again, but this time it’s quieter, more depressed. Randy wants to run; he wants to catch the ball and streak to the endzone. He doesn’t to keep seeing the ball fly well over his head or hit the ground five metres in front of him or to see he is QB lying on the ground still holding the ball. So what can he do?

He could follow Jerry Porter’s lead and hold-out on his contract. But that would do no good for his player value and could have him traded someplace worse (though I’m not sure where that would be at the moment).

I think that Randy needs to buy himself out of his contract like LaVar Arrington did. Arrington had some years left on his contract with the Washington Redskins, but instead of playing them he simply paid out the team and left. Most NFL players don’t do this as it costs them money and is risky but if you are a top level player like Arrington or Moss it is relatively safer.

Moss just needs to pay the Raiders out for whatever is left on his contract (unless he stupidly signed a 7-year extension) and then declare himself a free agent. Some teams that would take him in a heartbeat (and that Randy would/should consider going to):

  • New England
  • Tennessee
  • Jacksonville
  • Minnesota (seriously)
  • San Francisco (again, seriously)


JAMES said...

YOUR AN IDIOT! i dont know if you heard about the trade deadline.........you probably dont even know what that is,but basicly any team could have made a trade for moss this season and none of them wanted to and just for your information the patriots said there was no way moss was gonna come to foxborough. why dont you get your info straight and by the way you might want to go back to school and learn how to spell

Hadyn said...

James, dial down the anger.

I know what the trade deadline is. I also know what trading means, it means both teams have to give up something. The Patriots were looking at Porter not Moss (and well before the deadline), but word was that the Raiders wanted a first round draft pick. And if that's what they wanted for Porter, imagine what they would want for a player like Moss.

So by turning himself into a free agent Moss frees himself of teams having to do anything but pay him money.

Finally, don't come here and say "you might want to go back to school and learn how to spell" when you start your rant with "YOUR AN IDIOT!"

james said...

first off i would like to apologize for calling you an idiot but seriously no one has a right to bad mouth the raiders. its coaches like norv turner and bill callahan that have put the raiders in their current situation. every sunday most of those players go out and give everything they have and the defense is on top of the world right now. its the offense that cant do anything because aaron brooks doesnt care if they win or not and andrew walter cant stop throwing interceptions to save his life.randy moss is the best receiver in football.thats right he's even better than terrel owens. the raiders will not trade him. all he needs is a little discipline to get him back on track. when he realizes that he works for al davis not the other way around things will improve in oakland.i know your just trying to inform people but could you choose your words a little more carefully. the raiders are big in my life and i dont take kindly to anyone putting them down

rohar said...

You know the Raiders are big in my life as well and I would love to see another winning season out of them soon. Moss is CLEARLY not the best reciever in the NFL when you cry and complain like a baby that you are not happy. That is just worthless talk because he's a worthless player. Anyone getting paid millions of dollars to play a game they love does not talk about or complain about their team or cry because there not happy. Thats just pathetic. He should be happy that he has the CHANCE and ability to play in the NFL unlike many others who would do anything to be in his place. It's people like him who are degrading the NFL. You call hadyn an Idiot yet Moss is the idiot sitting on the bench pouting like a girl. But I do agree with you about Brooks not caring if they win or lose and Walter yes isn't the best quarterback but he was worth a go around. Our O-Line just is not getting the job done this year and that needs to much improve. And james I'm not putting the Raiders down because they are my team as well but I have the right to state my opinion and I think Moss is a tool as well as Shell. Make the catches that you are paid to make, run the plays you are paid to run and make the blocks you are paid to make. Thats it. We will be a much better team without our so called amazing offensive captain Randy Moss.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of the Raiders as well, but even I would have to admit they suck..!The defensive unit might be doing well but the offense sucks so guess what the 'team' sucks. Thats why they call it a team. Good defense stats don't win Superbowls, good teams do. Look at the results... they suck at the moment. big deal. The raiders will be great again one day, just not this year...again.