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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So Exciting!

MeThe short film I co-wrote is picking up momentum. Admittedly it’s not Sundance material but Night of the Hell Hamsters is making waves in “the industry” or at least the horror and short film circuits.

And now it has a page on the IMDB. But slightly cooler is the fact that I (and Mike) now have a page on the IMDB!!! This can only mean huge studio deals are gonna start pouring into my inbox any minute. I’m going to go wait for them.


che tibby said...

...cough...[tall poppy]...cough....

nah, seriously, congratulations you guys.

don't forget the little people.

Anonymous said...

When you are rich and famous (I'd settle for either) I hope you can still find time to freqent The Orange :)

I'm impressed!

But how many Hamsters suffered for your art??