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Friday, May 04, 2007

And then the cat came back…

Hermes relaxes (Jedi in the background) After a week of fretting and worry we had almost resigned ourselves to a missing cat. Then lo and behold he showed up scratching at the door and meowing to be let in.

It's just that the door he showed up at wasn’t ours anymore.

Somehow Hermes managed to get from Tasman St, Mt Cook to our old house in Houghton Bay! That’s some trek. And how the hell did he know where he was going?

And, he’s not even skinny or any worse for wear. In fact we think he might have put on a few pounds. Little bastard.

Anyway, he’s back now and we’re happy. It got quite sad in our house recently. I suppose its good practice for having kids (who turn into teenagers).


llew said...

Not really the same, you wanted the cat to come back.

Joanna said...


This is the sort of post that makes me very very happy.

League point for a happy ending!

Martha said...

Brilliant, I'm happy for your happy house.

Sue said...

i'm so glad
lost kittehs make me sad

stephen said...

Looks like someone's had a couple of whacks at his nose. Or are those old wounds?