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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This article is about the panel seminar I was a part of at the GOVIS conference.
Everyone's blogging  why can't we
(clicking the pic will eventually get you to a big readable version, or just click here)

I'm the one they refer to as "Haydon Green". Haydon!?! Where the hell did they get that spelling? (the correct spelling H.A.D.Y.N.)

A video of the talk is here (scroll down).

Disclaimer: I was not there to represent my Ministry and I did not actually talk to the reporter.


backin15 said...

Education official? What area? We're bound to have some shared contacts

Hadyn said...

I look after assessment (sorry trying to be vague and specific)

backin15 said...

Vague and specific in your assessment instruments or your description of your work... understood either way.