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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Consolation Prize?

So I applied for a new job. It was a new role and something different to what I've done for the last five years, but in a direction I really want to head. I don't particularly want to leave my current job (in fact I'm very happy where I am, or will be once I get Gmail back)

After all the interviews and reference checks, it came down to me and someone else. So a 50/50 chance right? Well I got the call today, that it wasn't me. Stink one. They told me that we were so evenly matched they made the decision based on the "little things".

So the main reason I didn't get the job: because they thought I would be frustrated by the lack of creativity in the job.

So I don't know whether to feel bad or not. Did I just dodge a bullet?


Anonymous said...

"Did I just dodge a bullet?"


they probably needed a drone.

Tom said...

"they thought I would be frustrated by the lack of creativity in the job."

Translation: "He looks like the creative type".

Translation of the translation: "OMG, he's got tatts!"

Hadyn said...

heh, and I thought I hid them pretty well

Mike Riversdale said...

You'll probably never know but at least they had the good sense to compliment you on your creativity. If this was a Governmental job though it probably wasn't hard to bring out the "too creative for us" line ... or am I being too harsh?

But hey, we can get creative at your current workplace! ;-)