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Thursday, June 05, 2008

pickle me this?

Given that this is the first post I've put up in a while I thought I'd make it a bit "esoteric" (literally "of the teric").

I have come to the conclusion that what sandwiches need (and hence the world too) is gherkins. The crunchy brine soaked acceptable little versions of cucumbers are fantastic! I never understood the reason people would remove them from MacDonald's hamburgers (adding to my "people are stupid" theory).

Anyway I just had a fantastic beef, cheese and gherkin sandwich from Green Land (the cafe not the Land). the only thing that sullied the experience was the cucumbers that had been slipped in. Ick!

I love pickles, hate the cucumbers they are made from. This is because I am a very complex person.


Martha Craig said...

Your depth is awesome.

I can't go past a gherkin, cream cheese and salami sandwich, or better still, a roll.

However, while I don't remove the gherkins from McDonalds, I do not think they are the finest example of a gherkin ever seen.

Dammit, now I want one.

Jed said...

You *must* try a beef sandwich from Meat on Tory. Unbelievably good, and gherkiny.