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Monday, June 09, 2008


I was going to write a rant about the Holden-owning IT manager from Karori who is interviewed about the rising cost of petrol on the front of today's DomPost. His reaction was that soon prices will be "out of reach" and that will mean that "prices will have to drop".

But I'm not going to rant. If this IT manager can't figure out any other solution than prices having to drop, then he deserves to pay stupid prices for his petrol. If he was a farmer, a courier, a plumber, someone who needs to drive a lot or lives far from public transport, he would have had a little bit of support from me (a little). But he isn't.

He is a blind man oblivious to the change around him.

Gone are my days of ire for these folk. It has since been replaced with a strange pity for their snow blindness towards the death of an old way of life.


Tom said...

Did you see his vanity plate? "2L GUY". Assuming that that doesn't mean "2 litre guy", since it's a 6 litre car, one can only imagine that he considers himself a "tool guy". I couldn't have put it better myself.

noizy said...

there was much mirth about our office about his 'problem' as well. 2L indeed.

Tom said...

I guess "FCKTRD" was taken.