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Monday, April 24, 2006

[General] Only Cheating Themselves

Well it’s official; people are cheating at Virtual Super 14!

I know this because I had a look at the picks of one player (named “whatever1”) and he had picked the exact score for every game. So he had picked that the top of the table Crusaders would draw with the bottom of the table Force.

I do not believe that this is true. Sure, it could happen, but is so unlikely that I have to call “cheat”. For example on my “mates list” the best player got 28 points and only because he didn’t fancy the Reds or Blues. On Russell Brown’s much larger list the highest score is 29. So do not believe that “whatever1” was able to guess and get 50 points!

I am nowhere near the contenders for #1 (ironic considering my rugby podcast) but this is bad form.

In other news, I was interviewed a couple of weeks back on bFM’s Wednesday Wire regarding a seminar I spoke at regarding blogging and the public sector (also attended by Che, Tom and Geoff). You can download my brilliant dialogue with José here (right click, save target as…). It’s kind of nerve-racking talking live on the radio, especially when that radio station is one of the more popular in Auckland (hmm, maybe not) and is broadcast to the Auckland University quad speakers.

It is because of that seminar and the interview that I have decided to write the following:

The views expressed in this blog and any accompanying links do not necessarily reflect those of my employer. My employer does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage that may result from reliance on or the use of the information contained in this blog or any accompanying links.

Basically, this is all my own thoughts and not in any way the thoughts of my employer. There is no connection between the two.

I’m still not saying who my employer is though, just in case.

On a different note we went to see one of the Mana Wahine films at the City Gallery on Saturday. We saw Strange Fruit a documentary about the song of the same name made famous by Billie Holiday. We spoke afterwards how strange American history is and how it is quite a “recent” history. Strange Fruit is a bout lynching in the south and the documentary was able to find people who were alive when it was happening and could remember it.

It was interesting fare for a weekend afternoon.


ben.run said...

Should you add that youe Eployer does not know you write a blog? :)

ben.run said...

Wow, check out my spelling above!

Maria von Trapp said...

Yo Haydn! I only found out last night you have a blog.

I wonder if you can figure out who I am! hehe ;)