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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A while back I switched from watching TV3 to TV1 news. One channel is no better than t'other but TV1 doesn't have Duncan "I suck Nat Cock" Garner. [sidenote: how did he win Best Reporter?]

But Tv1 have started to do something equally as annoying. Every now and again they will glance down at their page notes like they are actually quoting someone or like what they've just said is more "real" because it's written down on paper and not on a teleprompter.

They often do it for the more editorial comments too ("Jones was considered to be a" [looks down] "evil fucker" [looks up] "by many..."), which just make them look like condescending bastards. Simon Dallow is the worst.

Basically I need to stop watching the news.

1 comment:

stuart said...

ha ha ha - funniest thing I've read all day! I can't stand either news channel - I actually prefer Prime, but it's on too early.