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Saturday, November 03, 2007

A New Beginning

This blog was once a place that I put up funny things I had read, heard, thought of, etcetera. And of course the occasional rant.

Now this blog is going to become a place for me to vent my spleen as it were. A place for my hate to reside. And it should fill up pretty quick because I have a LOT of hate right now.

You might note the time stamp on this post. I'm waiting for noise control to come and shut down the party in the flat beneath us. Think I'm a crotchety old man? Fuck you. You try spending over two weeks without a decent nights sleep because the retards who live beneath you like listening to awful rap music at ungodly hours. Be cool, go down and talk to them? Well they look like they're running a very dodgy tinny house (not one of those cool laid back tinny houses we all laugh about), and I don't wanna get stabbed.

I rang the noise controllers at 12.00 and again at 12.15 (because you need to wait 15mins and call back if it's still noisy) and then again at 1.00 because it got louder. Hence I have decided that we will move out as soon as we can...ok the noise just stopped. It's done that before though, every time they change CD (see the fuckers aren't even using MP3s!). Ah, see it just started up again.

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