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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dick on a segway

Some guy just rolled down the road, up the wheelchair ramp and into the (small) lobby of our building all the time on his fuckin Segway!

He then went out the other side where someone opened the door for him, and he ducked his way through (yep still on the Segway). Fool.


Alan said...

Saw a ten year old kid on one the other day, powering up a hill in (you guessed it) Wadestown.

As a professional old codger, I'd have to say, USE YOUR FUCKING LEGS SONNY!

sue said...

you cannot drag or push a segway
if he left it outside it would be stolen in 10 minutes flat

Miramar Mike said...

And that's just what I'd do if I had one. If someone is dozy enough to open the door for me then I'm taking advantage as I silently whiz on by ... brilliant

stephen said...

Fucken hate it when you're all ranting and people just come along and post all sorts of helpful, sensible stuff.