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Monday, July 11, 2005

[General] London RIP?

Before I dive into sport I would like to extrapolate on the London bombings now that I’ve had some time to reflect.

I like the way the British have dealt with the whole thing: with black humour, a pint and a dash of realism. If the rain can’t beat Londoners, bloody terrorists won’t. They seem to have given the bombers the old English “two finger salute”. Look if the Romans, Germans, French, Spanish and various Barbarian hordes couldn’t defeat the Brits (in any long term fashion) I don’t expect these bombing chaps will have much luck.

The British also didn’t start flailing around with “how dare they do this to us” and “what did we ever do?” etc that certain other countries tried. Scott pointed out that they also never tried to blame the IRA. Or did they? (Reader help on this appreciated). When looking at suspects round up the usual ones first. I first read about the bombings on Stuff and a caption under one photo seemed to imply the IRA but nothing else.

No one blamed the French either despite the coincidental timing. The French discovered that someone actually sucks cock better than them, and it’s the English. Of Tony Blair has been doing a lot it recently with his new American friend and may have to turn professional when his turn as PM is over. But sucking the IOC is in a whole other league. And the IOC is French to start with!

On a different note: Yay! Mike is ok!

Boo! Mike had a lovely time in Paris! (And we were just in Wellington).

I spoke with Brother Scott on Sunday and he said that people had been suggesting “anti-globalisation terrorists”. He quite rightly pointed out that no such thing exists. [Moreover, as pointed out by a Dr. N Chomsky, “anti-globalisation” is a misnomer given to these protesters by the people they are protesting against]. Scott and I rationalised over the phone that even the most radical anarchistic protester is unlikely to blow up a bus or train filled with their constituency: namely disaffected workers trudging to work to earn enough to live (or save for a weekend to Ibiza). Nope, my money’s on the crazies that blew up the trains in Madrid.

I will say this though: LEAVE THE BLOODY MOSQUES ALONE!!!!

These are the “people” who aren’t handling things well. Of course you just know these retards had the paint and the bricks at hand just waiting for the next slightly bad thing they could pin on the “ay-rabs”. Then again given what has actually happened in London since the bombings maybe "London R.I.P." meant "London: Recovering in Pubs".

Scott said he saw some posters up in Hamilton proclaiming some rather suspicious things (i.e. lies) about the prophet Muhammad and Islam in general. They were accompanied by an equally dubious literature reference. Freedom of speech = good; Spreading lies = bad. I do not repeat the lies here because that is how you stop spreading them, by never repeating them.

I will stop here and start writing a sports post.

Have a good rest of the day!

Ps. Really the Gorillaz new album is awesome. Go get it and listen to Dennis Hopper on Track 13, Fire coming Out of a Monkey’s Head

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