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Thursday, July 07, 2005

[General] Lost: as always

Re: The Lost season finale


::Here be Spoilers::

Well the last episode of Lost was on last night. Wooo Yay Lost! Wooo! Or so I thought. The finale was more cliff than hanger. I found myself thinking: “Oooo they must be building up to something huuuuge, because so far all of this backstory–while slightly interesting–isn’t revealing jack shit”.

  • Mike (the black guy) didn’t really want his kid
  • The Others actually wanted Walt (the kid) and not Aaron (the baby)
  • Artz (the science guy who showed up two episodes ago) blew up (someone had to die, it was the season finale)
  • And inside the hatch was…a ladder

Let’s talk about this. For the last half of the season we have only wanted to know what the hell was in that hatch. Remember when Lock (the bald survivalist) saw the light inside? Wow, we all really needed to know so badly. And we finally saw…a ladder.

So there was a way to get in and out of the hatch? Who would’ve suspected that? Instead of the revealing what had been elusive for the entire season they instead made us listen to Lock and Jack (the doctor, but everyone knows who Jack is) arguing again about the same stuff they always argue about.

Has anyone else noticed that Jack shakes his head a lot and finds it hard to look people in the face? E.g. Kate: “Jack I need the gun.” Jack: “Pfff (Jack shakes his head in disbelief and looks off at a spot above him to his right) Kate when are you going to tell me the truth?”

Yes I will be watching the next season. I might watch the DVDs for the special features but that is less likely.

Hurley (the fat guy) remains my favourite character after retaking his mantle as the “straight man”. Artz, who died, took that role away while outside the Black Rock (actually a boat, not a rock) when he talked about how “you six” (meaning the main characters) only look after themselves even though there are 40 other castaways. Then Hurley regained the straight guy crown by saying it was kind of a stupid idea to transport the dynamite while carrying fire-torches.

Here is a short piece to chew over that I found on one of all time favourite websites (not just blogs) Kung Fu Monkey. The comment was left by Amandarama:

Here's my breakdown around why Walt may be more responsible than he seems. Be warned, it's kind of lengthy. Hopefully it's coherent.

For additional background, review episode 1x14 "Special" - which is about Michael getting custody of Walt.

Here goes:

My theory is Walt's always wanted the attention of a parent to himself. He didn't want to share mom with stepdad (stepdad thinks he's creepy). Mom dies. Stepdad gives him to Michael. He overhears Michael asking Walt's grandmother to take him. Plane goes down on island. Ok, we're stranded on the island - I'll make Dad jealous by hanging with Locke. Dad just gets pissy and controlling ("You can't see him"). Walt wants dad to prove his love: he miracles the crisis with the polar bear. Boat nears completion - getting off the island means possibly getting sent to grandma's; Walt burns the boat down. Michael is accidently poisoned by Sun; Walt realizes he needs to get Michael out on the ocean, away from the majority of other survivors - sure Dad didn't die, but why risk any more accidents? "We have to get off the island!" They launch the boat. Walt and Michael have a nice moment where Walt "learns to drive" and finds out that the rudder is the boat's tool that will get them to civilization. Suddenly, the rudder falls off. Sawyer (with the help of Michael and Jin) saves the rudder. That night, they encounter "The Others" - who wreck the boat, kidnap Walt, wound Sawyer and strand Michael (the x-factor here will be Jin): subtext - "Come save me Daddy. Prove your love. Don't leave me."

In other Lost related stuff: I found this website which is fun as the Memento one was, but just as infuriating.

Also, this website here lays out spoilers for Season 2. That’s right at the recent Lost convention the shows creators released some details about the next season. I only read the first one and then stopped, feel free however to read the whole lot. Just don’t tell me what happens or else. Throat Punch.


whitejacket said...

After seeing the season final I had to rethink my theory that the island was populated by giant people ala land of the lost 9is that what that old tv show was called?)

My new theory is that Lost is a sequal to Fantasy Island. Since the old tv series with Tattoo the island has been deserted because modern day people have lost their sense of wonder (or some shit) and has warped into the anti-fantasy island.

My guess is when they get to whatever is at the bottom of that ladder they'll find Ricardo Montebaln and that darwf fella playing cards and moaning about how people "don't care anymore."

Amandarama said...

Hey! Thanks for posting my Walt theory! :)